Lack of perseverance

You lack the day-to-day motivation and perseverance to take your projects to a conclusion. Restore your determination to achieve your aims and projects with Bach flowers, a natural response giving you the force to go forwards.

Tendency to give up

You never see things through and systematically give up everything you undertake. You have trouble persevering in your projects. It may be you simply lack the concentration and energy to see things through.

Our advice

WILD OAT and GENTIAN are the basic single flowers, to which you can add others, depending on what you are feeling emotionally at a given moment and on your personality. You might also lack the dynamism and vitality your body needs to find a new lease of life. When you feel you are about to give up, use the ENERGY roll-on as often as necessary. You can also take the MOTIVATION elixir to help restore the enthusiasm you need to persevere and look to the future.

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Rapid loss in motivation

It may happen that you need to find the inner motivation to stretch your limits and be able to persevere in your projects. Often when you are committed to a new project, you may not want to see it through to the end. It may also happen, for example, that children lose their motivation at school after getting bad marks, or that athletes cannot find the motivation they need a few days before a competition.

Our advice

The MOTIVATION elixir will help you take your life in hand and face up to things. It will help you feel more involved in projects and restore your enthusiasm to persevere and go forwards. It will also aid you to involve yourself actively and fully in everyday life.

Instructions for use

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