Fearful children

He never leaves your side and is more afraid to explore his environment than other children. He sometimes seems wary of trying out new activities or he cries when he finds himself in a place he doesn’t know.

Timid and nervous

Your child is timid and easily frightened by the world around him or by a new environment. He takes refuge in your arms at the slightest occasion.

Our advice

Give him the combination elixir FEARS to help him work on his fears on a daily basis and to reassure him and give him serenity all through the day. You can combine it with the combination elixir TRUST to help him make progress and not be continually hampered by his emotions. In a situation where your child has panicked or been confronted by a sudden fear, use the URGENCY roll-on, applying it to his wrists and solar plexus.

Nighttime fears

Children often feel afraid at night. They wake up in the middle of the night and call you. They cry until you come to see them and refuse to go to sleep in their beds and constantly ask you to stay with them.

Our advice

Start off by spraying the URGENCY treating fragrance in your home and in your child’s bedroom to create a reassuring environment. Give him the combination elixir FEARS diluted in a glass of water. These elixirs are made up of different Bach flowers, including Centaury, which aids self-affirmation, and Rock Rose to give him the courage to face up to events. To help him drink it, you can dilute the elixir in fruit juice or tea… Repeat the process every day until you see an improvement.

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