Restless / fidgety children

Your child is restless and fidgety both at school and at home, and has trouble sitting still. He climbs over and explores things without control. He is often restless without good reason, and continually needs to be doing something. He may be irritable or over-exuberant, which can be seen in his body attitude.

He won’t sit still

He won’t sit still at the table or in situations that call for a minimum of peace and quiet. He attracts attention and continually gets himself noticed. Bach flowers can soothe your child and his environment in different ways.

Our advice

When your child is in an enclosed space and won’t sit still, spray the QUIET CHILD treating fragrance to calm him down and promote a return to peace and quiet. You can also use the mist in your car when your child is impatient and won’t sit still. You can combine the effects of the mist with one or two QUIET CHILD pastilles.

He is rough or violent

Your child is often very restless and can’t control his gestures. He pays no attention to the people or the objects around him. He seems to be more irritable or easily angry than most other children. He has trouble controlling his strength and his urges. He can be violent with his toys or with other children.

Our advice

Start off by spraying the CONFLICTS treating fragrance in your home and in your child’s bedroom to create a reassuring environment. Give him 4 drops of the ANGER and URGENCY elixirs diluted in water, fruit juice or tea several times a day. You can combine the effect of the elixir and make it last all day by applying the URGENCY roll-on. Repeat the process every day until you see your child and is calmer and more peaceful.

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