Lack of motivation

A lack of motivation can result from different factors, such as low energy levels, a feeling of depression or the loss of desire following a change in your life. A lack of motivation often manifests itself in these different ways.

Lack of willpower

A lack of motivation often expresses itself in a lack of willpower. You feel that you have lost all desire to go forwards or to stretch yourself. You let yourself be carried along by life and you can’t find the willpower you had before.

Our advice

When a lack of energy takes away all desire or motivation to go forwards, use the compound elixir MOTIVATION to restore your willpower to reach your goals. As a complement, you can use the combination elixir ENERGY to restore the vitality you need to get through this period. You could also spray the ENERGY treating fragrance around you as soon as possible to bring a dynamic atmosphere to daily life. Carry the ENERGY roll-on around with you to reinforce and complement the effect of the compound elixir all through the day. WALNUT is the single flower base elixir, to which you could add others, depending on how you are feeling emotionally at a given time and on your personality. WALNUT will help you reinforce and strengthen your inner willpower.

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Lack of interest

It is common for people to lose all interest in the people and events around them. Often the social ties are broken and the idea of exchanging with or opening up to others does not interest you at all.

Our advice

Take the combination elixir MOTIVATION and CONCENTRATION. MOTIVATION will help you feel more involved in projects and restore the enthusiasm to persevere and go forwards. It will also help you to make full and active commitments in everyday life. You can complement it with the elixir CONCENTRATION, which will help restore all your attention and interest when you are feeling out of touch with reality and nothing seems to be going as you wish.

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Feeling of depression

It can happen that a lack of motivation and willpower are linked to a period of temporary depression. When you are feeling low, your desires and motivation are reduced.

Our advice

Use the compound elixir DEPRESSION every day until you feel an improvement in feelings of depression and inner uneasiness. You can complement the DEPRESSION elixir with the products from the ENERGY range. The elixir ENERGY and roll-on will restore the energy and mental freshness you need to overcome your weariness. You could also spray around you the ENERGY wellness mist as soon as possible to give a dynamic atmosphere to daily life.

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