Shy children

Your child finds it hard to join in and prefers to be on his own. He often hides behind you when meeting someone new. His social interactions seem to you a little bit different from other children of his own age – perhaps he is quite simply shy.

Difficulties interacting with others

Shy children tend to keep themselves to themselves and not dare go towards other children. They don’t dare ask adults for things and have real difficulties joining groups. Your child is withdrawn from others and prefers to be alone and stay hidden rather than mixing with others. He is a little introverted and does not make contact with others, but prefers to be alone. Perhaps he simply can’t find the keys to communicate with the rest of the world.

Our advice

Giving him the combination elixir SHYNESS will help him go towards others and express his emotions more easily. It will also help develop his communication skills.

Difficulties speaking in public

He can’t affirm himself and may be intimidated when he has to speak in front of other people. Speaking in front of the class or making a presentation of his homework make him nervous, so that he loses his self-assurance and his tongue is tied in knots.

Our advice

Give him 4 drops of the TRUST and URGENCY elixirs diluted in water, fruit juice or tea several times a day. These two compound elixirs will help him overcome his shyness and go towards others more easily. Repeat the process every day until you see an improvement.

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