Sadness / sorrow

You are going through a period of sadness and sorrow after experiencing painful events. You want to get over this stage in your life and restore your high spirits. Bach flowers will help you recover your positive emotions and overcome your painful feelings.

Lasting feeling of sadness

You feel a deep and lasting sadness. You can’t necessarily explain the reasons for these feelings that seem to be gnawing away inside of you. Bach flowers can help you combat these feelings and restore the happiness you aspire to.

Our advice

Take the combination elixirs DEPRESSION and URGENCY. DEPRESSION will help you recover a positive outlook on life when you are feeling low, sad, depressed and over-sensitive. You can combine it with the DEPRESSION roll-on all through the day whenever the need arises. The URGENCY elixir will help you calm down and restore stability to your emotions in the event of lasting sorrow and tears.

Instructions for use

Difficulty overcoming feelings of sadness

Managing your emotions is a real issue for you, since they often seem to outweigh your reason. You can’t get over these emotions or control them and look to the future. But this emotional weakness is a handicap in your daily life since it sometimes creates a state of deep sadness that you never want to live through again.

Our advice

Take the combination URGENCY elixir for 8 to 10 days until you feel your emotions are becoming more stable. Use the URGENCY roll-on as many times as necessary to complement the effects of the elixir. Then take the combination elixir BREAK-UP to go forwards and leave the past behind you. BREAK-UP will help you break the ties with the past and renew your drive and energy.

Instructions for use


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